Daniel Moore last updated - March 1, 2011

Growing up in Atlanta and Memphis, Daniel attended the University of Chicago from 1997-2001. He received a bachelors degree in Physics and Mathematics. He was also a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and served in the Student Government. For his undergraduate research, Daniel worked with Professor Don York on the Sloan Digital Sky Survey in the Astronomy department in developing a system to automatically analyze the files that were created from it, looking at QSOALS (Quasi-Stellar Object Absorption Line Systems).

Daniel applied to schools of engineering for graduate school, focusing on schools that were performing research in the field of nanotechnology, particularly with nanomaterials. He decided on working for his Ph.D. under the direction of Dr. Zhong Lin Wang in the Materials Science and Engineering department at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Daniel defended his dissertation in late October 2006, receiving his Ph.D. At Georgia Tech, Daniel served on the institute's honor committee and received numerous fellowships including the Molecular Design Institute fellowship, the GT Nanoscience and Technology fellowship, the School of Materials Science and Engineering Advanced Publication award, the NSF STEP fellowship, and a Sam Nunn Security fellowship.

After leaving Georgia Tech, Daniel has worked in industry research (please email for a complete resume), offered a AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowship, and finished writing a book on Nanotechnology and what it means in association with his role as the Director of the Nanoethics Group. This book was published in March 2010. Daniel has also written several articles about science, technology (particularly nanotechnology), and society. Daniel is currently a fellow at the Hybrid Reality Institute, where his work focuses on the co-evolution of humans and technology in the near future.

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